Car wash season!!!!

Hope all of you dads have a great Father’s Day!!! My husband and the father of our 3 kids is certainly enjoying his. It’s a beautiful day in NY and we plan on having our parents and siblings over later today for a pool party BBQ ❤️

One of my husbands favorite hobbies is car maintenance. He absolutely loves to go out and wash the cars……..

We just bought our kids a used car and it definitely needs some TLC. It’s an older car with great bones and my hubby has been looking forward to detailing it. He’s done a ton of research and wanted to purchase a foam gun. So we surprised him with it for Father’s Day! Check out the link below. There are specific nozzles also linked below to get in all of the nooks and crannies and I’ve also linked the foam wash.

Everyone enjoy the day! Happy Father’s Day!

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