This is my favorite time or year to throw on a cute dress or a bathing suit and cover up. Who wants to spend time in the mall, trying things on 🙄?

Try Amazon prime wardrobe! Why not you get everything else from Amazon 😂 you can grab up to eight items to try and try before you buy. Not sure what to wear on a night out? Have a few options available and send back whatever you don’t use. It’s that easy!!! here’s the link to explore…..

Last year on vacation…. I realized I had forgotten to pack my bathing suits. I didn’t wanna buy overpriced terrible quality gift shop bathing suits. Ordered a few on Amazon and they were there the next day!!!!

And now there is a new service Amazon offers…… a personal stylist! Come on how fabulous is that? And so easy to use! Here’s the link if u wanna give it a try!

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